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The highly revered and highly valued Founding and Honorary Committee Member of CCC INTERNATIONAL - CHILDREN'S COMMUNICATION CORNER - Mrs Hedy Dichter is no longer with us !  
1911 - 2016  

Mrs Hedy Dichter, the widow of the late Prof. Ernest Dichter, the world-famous motivational researcher who deceased in New York in 1991,  has peacefully passed away on Thursday, February 11, 2016 in a New York nursing home at the age of 104.

  I met Hedy with her famous husband in the USA in 1988 on a stopover in New York at the Austrian Cultural Institute on the occasion of a trip to the Austrian literature symposium at the University of California in Riverside where I presented my first book published in English.  

Since that time I had a deep and highly respected relationship with the "Dichters". After the death of her husband Prof. Ernest Dichter I developed a particularly intimate personal relationship with Hedy - yes she became an affectionate motherly friend -  a deep friendship with common interests bound us together which culminated in the foundation of the non-profit organization CCC INTERNATIONAL - CHILDREN'S COMMUNICATION CORNER together with Cardinal Dr. Franz König and other personalities in 1993.  

Up to her husband's death Hedy Dichter never directly competed to be in the center of public life,  but worked discreetly and always behind the scenes as the manager of her husband the world renowned "Father of Motivational Research". She sacrificed her own career as successful concert pianist for her love to Ernest. In many long discussions in recent years she told me about their not always easy but very fulfilling life.  

Hedy loved children and young people. She loved all children of the world. She had a special heart for all those children who come from very poor families and devoted herself especially  to traumatized refugee children. Mrs. Dichter - Hedy how I could call her – appeared as a contemporary witness to schools in Graz and Vienna and told about her eventful life. She had to leave Austria as a Jew with her husband already before 1938 to escape the Nazi terror. She lost part of her family who remained in Austria in the Holocaust .  

Hedy will be dearly missed – not only by me – but also my son Prof. Jacob H. Schmidt of London, UK who had also met her sveeral times in Vienna and in New York.   Both of us recorded our conversations with her in a book which appeared shortly before her 103rd birthday. Though her sudden death fills us with pain we are glad that we could present the book to her in New York on her birthday August 16, 2014 which she enjoyed greatly. Hedy was an unforgettable very dear friend.  

We grieve with Hedy‘s family and we will not forget this exemplary woman.    

In gratitude
Dr Elfriede Schmidt
Prof Jacob H. Schmidt
Graz / London, February 23, 2016